The Competency of Highland Capital Management that Brings high Returns

Highland Capital Management is a Texas-based internationally recognized firm that provides investment advisory and solutions to businesses and small-scale investors, especially in credit services. Both James Dondero and Mark Okada established the company in 1993.

The Highland headquarters are in Dallas, with operational offices situated in New York, Sao Paolo, Singapore, and Seoul. According to Market Watch, Highland Capital Management specializes in collateralized loan obligations, high yield bonds, distressed credit, hedge funds, equities, structured products, emerging markets, and natural resources.

Both experienced and dedicated team of experts leads the enterprise’s operations. According to Market Watch, James Dondero is the current President, Managing Partner, and Portfolio Manager.

Mark Okada serves as the Chief Investment Officer of the firm, while Frank George Waterhouse is the Chief financial officer. Both Harold Siegel and Bradford Keith Board act as the Managing Director of Institutional Fundraising and Client Service, and Chief Investment Officer of Retail Products respectively.

The company has the advantage of their customers having confidence and trust in their investment protocols and services, thereby allowing the firm to serve clients for almost three decades. The company adheres to highly personal, quality, and service oriented customer relationship.

The Highland Small-Cap Equity Fund of the Highland Capital Management saw its fund almost triple on energy stocks in 2016, thus generating a 32% return for investors.

The return has given a high rebound expectation in 2017. The Chief Investment Officer of the business, Gregory has helped make a profitable investment in pipeline partnership. The profits are as a result of the firm’s credit competency.

Highland Capital Management plays its philanthropic role to the community through volunteerism, engagement in advisory boards, and monetary donations to both community-based organizations and NGOs organizations.

The humanitarian efforts have seen the company spending more than $10 million around the globe. In the strategy of giving back to the community, the company partners with other firms to help it in implementing the giving back to the community initiative.

Anthony Petrello: A Globally Respected Corporate Leader And Philanthropist

Anthony Petrello is the senior principal of Nabors Industries Limited. He is a passionate philanthropist and one of the most highly paid chief executive officers in the United States. Petrello is skilled in management, business litigation, and leadership. In his teenage years, Petrello received a scholarship to study at a local public high school. After his graduation, he joined Yale University where he studied and graduated with a degree in mathematics. Petrello is a holder of J.D degree from internationally acclaimed Harvard University. He is math’s guru and a former protégé of Prof Serge Lang, a legendary mathematician.

Anthony Petrello’s corporate works

Petrello secured a junior-level position at Nabors Industries in 1991. After a short stint and demonstrating his leadership capability, he became chief operating officer of the company. When the company’s board realized his potential, he was appointed the president of Nabors Industries in 1992. In 2003, Petrello elected as the deputy chairperson. In 2011, Anthony Petrello was appointed the CEO of the firm.

Before joining Nabors Industries, Petrello held a senior management position at Baker & McKenzie, a law firm situated in New York. His areas of specialty were in taxation, corporate law, and arbitration. Petrello also served as the Director of the prestigious Stewart & Stevenson, LLC. This company manufactures and supplies specialized oil drilling equipment’s to Nabors Industries.

Petrello role at Nabors Industries

Having served as a senior staff of Nabors Industries for over two decades, the success of this firm lies in Petrello’s leadership skills and ability to encourage teamwork among other employees. In the early 90’s, he helped stabilize the company after an economic recession. Around 1995, Petrello was the company’s president and enabled the firm to increase its income levels by $49 million. He was also in charge of the transaction that led to the selling of Nabors’ vessel Sea Mar Fleet.

Anthony Petrello supports the Texas Children Hospital

Petrello has been serving on the board of trustees for Texas Children Hospital. He and his wife, Cynthia, began these charitable activities upon realizing that there existed few facilities conducting research on neurological disorders. The couple had struggled to identify a well-equipped facility that could offer proper treatment for their young daughter who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This couple has since dedicated their time and resources to the course of supporting research on neurological complications. In early 2016, they hosted a fundraising event to raise funds for financing clinical and research programs that tackle neurological disorders.

The Quincy Crimes


The Quincy Pizza Robbery

On May 7, 2013, 21-year-old Parysh Wood, who also goes by the nickname “Pistol” and “P Gun”, was arrested and charged with robbery of the incident. Police say he was the leader of a gang who robbed a pizza delivery man in New Brunswick, NJ.


On November 30th, at 9:30 pm, the pizza delivery man was sent an order from a residence in the N building of the complex on Quincy Circle. As the delivery man approached the resident, he was told that no pizza was ordered. After he walked back to his vehicle to put the pizza back, three male suspects approached him from behind and stated that the pizza was for them.


While the delivery man went back into the vehicle to get the pizza again, one of the male suspects proceeded to take out a handgun and put it to the delivery man’s head. After demanding money, the suspects stole the wallet, pizza, and money from the delivery man and fled the scene in an older model dark-colored minivan.



After an investigation was done by Det. Ron Seaman and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, they discovered Mr. Wood’s cell phone site information around the time and area of the robbery. According to the police, he is currently staying in the Middlesex Counter Correction Center with a $100,000 bail.



The Quincy Shooting

Another incident occurred on Oct 7, 2015, that involved a shooting at the New Brunswick Apartments in New Jersey. As a result, one person was injured and taken to the nearest hospital in a private vehicle. While investigating, the police found bullet shells at the scene the following day of the shooting.


Apparently, the New Brunswick Apartments had recently become a crime hotspot. On October 5th, at 9:30 pm, three or four shots were also heard. The police had also responded to a shooting on 33 Commercial Avenue. While the police investigate the case, the identity of the suspect and the victim are being held because charges could be filed.

The Launch of New Paranormal Show on PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz, the executive chairman of PodcastOne, recently announced the launch of a new podcast, Beyond the Darkness, which will focus on exploring the paranormal. The show will feature on Chris Jericho’s podcast network. The show will be very entertaining and informative with the participation of famous researchers and people who have had paranormal experiences. The conversations will revolve around ghosts, aliens, demons, angels, miracles, monsters and mysteries among other paranormal activities.


Norman Pattiz was very impressed with the growth and evolution of Chris Jericho’s podcast network and says that he never disappoints. The WWE star started out with wrestling on his podcast program but later introduced comedy and now the paranormal. Norman is confident that Chris will deliver beyond subscribers’ expectations. Beyond the Darkness will be hosted by Dave Schrader, a radio host and writer, and Tim Dennis, a radio host and producer. They are both very talented and are expected to make the show very lively and engaging. Chris Jericho looks forward to the debut of the show and expects the Jericho Network’s subscribers to increase because of it.


Apart from Chris Jericho, PodcastOne features many other popular radio personalities including Dan Patrick, Penn Jillette and Adam Carolla among others. This makes it very popular all over the world. With the launch of Beyond the Darkness, PodcastOne is expected to attract even more subscribers. People are looking forward to the debut of the show and have been anxiously waiting for it. Norman Pattiz’s foresight and excellent strategies are what have enabled him to stay relevant in the broadcasting industry for such a long time. According to him, it is all about how one implements the great ideas they come up with. That is the secret behind his success.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is the founder and chairman of PodcastOne, one of the largest podcast networks in America. He also founded Westwood One which grew tremendously under his leadership and is now one of the largest radio networks in America. He has worked in the broadcasting industry for more than 40 years and therefore has extensive experience and expertise in the industry. He was a member of the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors during the terms of President Clinton and President Bush. The Liberty of American Broadcasting presented him with the Giants of Broadcasting Award in 2009 for his excellent work in the broadcasting industry.


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Fabletics Eyes Amazon as it Strengthens its Market Share

Fast growing subscription Activewear Fabletics has Amazon on its sights as it looks to break ground in the lucrative e-commerce fashion market. According to an article published in Forbes on November 16, media and emerging technology author Paul Armstrong extricates the story behind Fabletics runaway success as it strategizes to take on Amazon, which currently controls 20% e-commerce fashion market. He reveals that the celebrated actress and fashion icon, Kate Hudson’s business has grown into a $250 million corporation in just 3 years, thanks to its highly successful subscription mechanic of selling merchandise. The subscription mechanic used by Fabletics is built on the premise that customers wouldn’t mind a little nudging if they are inspired by a product. However, market trends indicate that price and quality of goods and services is not enough to crack the market.


This is the reason why the Fabletics strategy also incorporates service convenience and membership to create a formidable selling strategy. The company also recognizes the importance of brand recognition, customer experience, end-user services and targeted design and gamification elements. On brand positioning, the author reveals that Fabletics prefers to liken itself to Apple and Warby Parker. In line with these companies’ expansion strategies, Fabletics has unveiled a comprehensive plan to open more physical stores, which stood at 16 a few months ago. When asked about the Fabletics rise, the General Manager, Mr. Gregg Throgmartin intimated that the company focused on building a modern high value brand from day one. He also attributes the company’s success to the 3-way approach of running physical stores. The strategy encourages reverse showrooming; promoting growth by focusing on people, culture and accessibility and using online data efficiently.


About Fabletics

Fabletics is a premier, online subscription retailer that focuses on selling sportswear and accessories. According to, the firm was established in 2013 as a subsidiary of the TechStyle Fashion Group, formerly JustFab. Before the idea to start Fabletics had come to fruition, JustFab Co-CEO’s Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler along with Kate Hudson spotted a huge gap in the Activewear market. They realized that the market was replete with hordes of luxury goods, but no affordable, stylish and high quality gear to boot. One year after the company was established; it quickly expanded to Europe, starting in the UK, France and German.


In January 2015, the company shipped over 1 million orders around the world. In the same year, Fabletics shed its core focus on women Activewear and accessories by starting a new line of men’s Activewear called FL2. Everything the company does is incrusted in its mission is to develop clothing that inspires people to stay active and feel comfortable wherever they are. In September 2015, Fabletics opened six physical stores in the US, in a push aimed at exploring the promising local retail market. Fabletics opened its first retail stores in malls owned and run by Westfield and General Growth Properties, an excerpt on Wikipedia indicates. The company hopes to add up to 100 stores in the next 5 years.

Top Advice From Doe Deere

Doe Deere is an individual who is distinguished within the world of makeup due to the fact that she has not only improved the industry, but also due to the fact that she has been able to create a successful niche within this competitive industry that has helped others around the world. Doe Deere is the proud owner of a company that is known as Lime Crime, a makeup company that provides innovative and creative ways of putting on makeup everyday that is guaranteed to bring out the beautiful features of both men and women. Doe Deere was born in Russia and was raised in New York City, a city that is considered to be one of the most cosmopolitan locations in the world due to not only the diversity, but also due to the vibrant atmosphere that has attracted so many different individuals of different ages from around the world.


Doe Deere has been on a mission ever since she was younger in order to change the world’s perspective on the use of makeup. Doe Deere wants to destroy the opinion that makeup can only be used to hide the imperfections of the face. Instead, Doe Deere wants individuals around the world to embrace their imperfections and to eventually see that they are not imperfections, but are the unique features that makes everyone different. Rather than hiding the imperfections of her clients, Doe Deere has changed the way people use makeup by encouraging the use of bright and bold colors.


As the name suggests, one of Doe Deere’s favorite colors to use for the face is the color of lime, a color that Doe Deere not only encourages on the face, but a color that Doe Deere also uses on the lips as well as on the cheeks of her clients. Many of the looks that Doe Deere has created have been seen on social media sites such as Instagram where social media users have embraced these new looks. Doe Deere’s unique fashion has earned her the title as one of the most influential individuals within this competitive and expanding industry.


The idea to create the company of Lime Crime came from the lack of passion that Doe Deere experienced in every other industry or job that she was a part of. Doe Deere, in her 20s, stated that she worked within an insurance company and had no drive to continue to improve and to challenge herself. It was not until Doe Deere created her own business that Doe Deere felt like the life and passion came back to her again. As a result, Doe Deere is not only a businesswoman, but is also an advocator to follow any path where one will work the hardest.

The Benefits Of Refinancing Your Automobile

When you are in search of a way to relieve the financial pressure that you are feeling as the result of an onerous car loan, you’ll want to contact the good people at Ignition Financial in order to learn more, as they are able to provide you with the assistance that you need if you are seeking financial relief.


There are a number of benefits to be enjoyed by those who are looking for an answer to the age old question “how do I slash my payments?”, so be sure to read on and learn more about the process, since these benefits can be enjoyed by any loan holder who wishes to alter their current situation for the better.


Lowering Your Loan’s Interest Rate


One of the primary benefits that can be enjoyed by refinancing your automobile is a significant decrease in your interest rate. For those who did not have the proper credit score or lacked credit when they received their initial loan, it is well worth their while to look into the refinancing process within a couple of years.


If your credit score has improved since you received your first loan, you may qualify for a reduction in your rate. With a lower interest rate, you are also to pay off the loan at a far more expeditious rate than before.


Increased Access To Additional Monies


Do you currently owe less on your automobile loan than the vehicle is actually worth? If so, refinancing your loan may allow you to enjoy increased access to additional monies that can be used in a wide range of other facets.


For example, let’s say your vehicle is worth $9,500 and you still owe $6,000. You have the option of refinancing your vehicle for $7,500 and using the extra to $1,500 to take care of other issues you are experiencing.


Decreased Monthly Payments


If your monthly payments have become too difficult to keep up with, you have the option of extending the life of the automobile loan, providing yourself a significant decrease and receiving some much needed relief.


This option is especially useful for those who have experienced a life changing event, such as the birth of a child or an unexpected medical issue. Freeing up monthly cash to handle other areas of concern is one of the more underrated benefits of refinancing your automobile.


Switching to a Better Lender


Being able to switch from your current loan provider to a better refinance loan provider (such as Ignition Financial) is a major boon for those who are struggling to keep up with their monthly loan payments. If you do not have a quality relationship with your existing lender and they have become tough to contact, having the chance to switch to a different one can be a major advantage.


There is no reason to stick with a lender that you do not like and cannot provide the proper customer service. Having a willingness to shop around for a superior lender can save us a great deal of time and hassle.




Online Property Reporting with Nationwide Title Clearing

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) has embarked on a plan to enable easy access to property reports through effective online ordering. This plan comes to respond to calls from the populace regarding title defects. In the recent years, one of the major causes of concern in the realty industry is title defects. According to some stakeholders in the real estate industry, title defects are partly to blame for wrongful foreclosures. Other people are of the opinion that title defects play a substantial role in blocking a smooth transitioning of assets more so in the secondary market. According to the executives of the firm, property records are imperative in reducing the buyback risk in addition to a smooth and clear title conveyance.


Nationwide Title Clearing is a document processing and a premier research services provider for the mortgage and financial industries. The firm has adopted numerous measures to ensure there is an easy securing of property reports. Recently, Nationwide Title Clearing instituted an updated website, which makes the property reporting easy and available online. Frequently, title defects mushrooms when a person lays claim on a realty property, which is under the ownership of another entity or person. Other factors, in addition, can invalidate a title. Such factors may include failure to follow filling procedures and previous unresolved liens. Additionally, some wordings in the document, which fail to fail to be in line with the real estate standards of a particular area may invalidate a title.


John Hillman, from the aforementioned factors, notes that it is prudent to address title defect concern before the transfer of property. To this end, Nationwide Title Clearing has prepared numerous online reports aimed at aiding the mortgage sector. These reports may include Current Owner Report, Tax Status Report, Assignment Verification Reports, as well as Tax Status Report (Plus). John Hillman serves at the Nationwide Title Clearing as the Chief Executive Officer. According to NTC’s CEO, John Hillman, the firm has made it a part of its core mission to provide a fast and simple process of safeguarding and availing property reports throughout the country. These reports are founded on deep research, which is conducted from reliable and genuine land records.


During the reporting process, Nationwide Title Clearing sources data from various sources including the counties. The process entails human verification and automation. Altogether, these practices have enabled the Nationwide Title Clearing to offers services to a large number of the leading lenders in the United States under heavily audited and most vital compliance rules. NTC leads in the provision of post-closing services for the largest financial institutions, investors and service sectors in the US. The firm has clients from the premier residential mortgage services in the country. On the 2015 Inc., Nationwide Title Clearing was ranked 3108. The firm additionally was among the finalists in the 500/5000 list containing US’s fastest growing companies.

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Jason Hope Is Gearing For The Next Tech Revolution

Jason Hope is one of the most prominent tech entrepreneurs around. From his home in Scottsdale, Arizona he runs some of the most important companies in tech. Recently, Hope decided to invest in the Internet of Things.

According to him, this technology will seriously take off in coming years as developers find ways to change the way we live our lives. From smart homes to self driving cars, the potential for IoT is limitless.

The New Internet On The Block

Essentially, the Internet of Things is centered around connections between various devices and the ways these devices share data. It doesn’t necessarily involve the internet as we know it, but some IoT devices are online ready. IoT devices are already on the market and you may even own some. There are cameras, televisions, and lighting systems capable of collecting and sharing data. As developers gain a better understanding of these devices software development will change. Instead of trying to compete with other app developers, IoT software developers will work together to create a virtual ecosystem.

A World On The Brink Of Change

The ways that IoT will change the way we live are easily seen. Self driving cars, one of the most salient examples of IoT, will change the way we travel. The daily commute that currently takes hours may take minutes as highways filled with self driving cars work in unison to create a perfect stream of traffic. Companies will use self driving cars to improve their services and offer more affordable goods. Our homes will also experience the magic of IoT. In the not so distant future, your house will respond to your demands and do exactly as you request.

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Aging Is A Thing Of The Past

Jason Hope is a very generous man and he uses his fortune to improve the lives of others. A particular strong interest of his is the aging research of the Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence Institute. The SENS Institute is centered around ways to change the way we think of aging and eventually find a cure for it. Aging is often thought of as an inherent and natural part of life. The SENS Institute does not agree with that sentiment and seeks ways to prevent it. Their research is still in an early stage, but the potential is beyond our wildest dreams.

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Richard Blair: Mapping the Road to Your Financial Goals

Every person should have a plan to achieve their long-term financial objectives. This is really just common sense, but many people do not know how to develop such a plan, or they think wealth management is only for the “1 percent.”

Richard Blair, founder of Wealth Solutions, thinks we all should have a sound financial plan. He has created a process that he calls the “Three Pillars” to help individuals and small businesses build and manage their wealth.

Blair calls the first of his three pillars “laying out a financial road map.” A financial advisor helps the client asses his or her specific circumstances, starting with the client’s strengths. This means looking at the client’s existing assets, liabilities, income and obligations (such as putting children through college).

The client also works with the advisor to determine individual financial goals and risk tolerance. For instance, a young person may want to grow his wealth. A person nearing retirement might be more concerned with creating an investment portfolio that produces a stable income stream for retirement. Risk tolerance simply means how much risk a client is comfortable with taking in pursuit of higher investment returns.

The second of Blair’s three pillars involves developing a customized wealth management strategy that fits the client’s personal situation and goals. In general, Wealth Solutions seeks to maximize profits when market conditions are favorable, and to protect client assets during market downturns.

Insurance coverage is the final pillar. Blair’s goal here is to make sure clients are properly protected with suitable life and long-term care insurance policies. In addition, annuities are added to the overall investment package to enhance growth and increase financial protection.

According to Bright Scope, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions brings over 20 years of financial planning and wealth management experience to the table. He graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in finance. In addition, Blair holds multiple certifications, including CFS, CES, RICP and CAS. Blair founded Wealth Solutions in 1994.

His goal was and is to provide tailored financial services, investment advice and insurance to his clients in and around Austin, Texas. Wealth Solutions is a privately owned Registered Investment Advisory firm.