Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Medical Training and Practice

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a fellowship trained, and American Board of Plastic Surgery certified cosmetic surgeon. She started her career in New York City before moving to her home city of Austin in Texas to begin her practice. In New York City, she was the resident plastic surgeon at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat and Lenox Hill Hospitals. She had also been appointed as a clinical instructor of surgery at the Langone Medical Center at New York University. She opened her practice upon moving to Texas and named the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. She also enjoys doctoral privileges in three hospitals in the state where she often sets up satellite cosmetic surgery clinics. These hospitals are the Seton Hospital, Westlake Medical Center, and Marble Falls-based Hill Country Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Walden is one of the very few female plastic surgeons in the country. She uses her position to fight for female empowerment in healthcare across the country and in her native state of Texas. She has often expressed joy at having moved her practice to Texas where she has been able to provide care to a large number of clients with a feminine touch. She is often overjoyed by the fact that most of her clients of are women; a fact which she believes speaks to a more significant willingness for women to love their bodies and feel confident in themselves.

Owing to her brilliance in her profession, Dr. Jennifer Walden has been appointed to serve on the Board of Directors for ASAPS or the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, as the commissioner for communications. She also participates in some medical associations including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American College of Surgeons. She holds the responsibility of overseeing the communication agenda for ASAPS and is also their official media spokesperson. Before this position, she also served as the media spokesperson for American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She is one of the most respected plastic surgeons in the country, a position she uses to inspire young girls across the country to believe in their dreams and pursue them relentlessly.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is also a mother of twin boys Houston and Rex.


Vijay Eswaran Outlines the Importance of Networking in Modern Business

Vijay Eswaran has one of the hardest success stories in the world. Vijay Eswaran considers himself as one of the luckiest people who has ever amassed a great amount of wealth solving other people’s problems in the industry. Because he has achieved so much in the industry, few people can compare his level of success working towards attaining the most sophisticated business entity.

Vijay Eswaran’s career ion business commenced when he worked as a taxi driver. During that time, his financial needs exceeded his money. For this reason, the best thing he could do was to drive a car for the money. Working as a taxi driver for someone who came from a wealthy family was not an easy task. Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

Vijay Eswaran’s father was a rich businessman in the country. However, tax issues and litigation cases took away all their wealth. The only thing Vijay Eswaran had left was his car. He turned it into a taxi.

Vijay Eswaran worked for two years as a taxi driver before he chose to take the business to another level. For more than two decades of driving Vijay Eswaran realized that he would not achieve his goals in the industry. Therefore, he went over for better business to assimilate a working solution.

This is perhaps the reason why he is considered as one of the best business opportunists in the industry, Vijay Eswaran is also considered as an achieved serial entrepreneur for solving most of his problems in the business world. Working with him will prove success and fulfillment.

When Vijay Eswaran was still in college, he was first introduced to the multi-lateral business by his friend. During that time, he deemed as one of the greatest business ideas that could help him scale up his way to becoming the richest person in the country. For this reason, Vijay Eswaran worked hard to develop assimilated business capabilities for an animated association.

Vijay Eswaran also sought income by trading gold to other African nations to make the multi-lateral business success in the business world. His solutions have made him one of the richest individuals in the country. Vijay Eswaran is now worth more than $550 million.

Doe Deere’s Revolutionary Lime Crime Cosmetics Line Taking the Industry by Storm

Doe Deere is one of the most renowned makeup experts in the United States. She is the brains behind the popular Lime Crime Cosmetics where she is currently the chief executive officer(CEO). Since its launching in 2008, Lime Crime has been going from strength to strength, and her commitment to proving that cosmetics are more than simply used to hide imperfections has been key to the company’s success. She has continuously stressed that makeup is a way of self-expression and comes with a sense of freedom. Learn more: http://guestofaguest.com/los-angeles/interview/interview-lime-crimes-doe-deere-on-how-to-make-your-dreams-come-true


The beautiful cosmetic expert has had the privilege of taking several interviews due to her impressive work. In one of these interviews, Deere gave deep insight into her journey in the Lime Crime Cosmetic business. She had big dreams as a little girl, and the ideas started coming into realization upon moving to New York from Russia. She started out as a young musician, something she says nurtured the entrepreneurial spirit in her. This, in turn, led to her staring out in the makeup business.


Deere’s passion for makeup led to the inception of Lime Crime. She decided to focus on unusual and bright colors. However, this approach proved to be difficult at the time. Back then, the concept was not popular because the sector focused on producing a natural look. Deere decided to make the colors herself, and fortunately, it caught on. Many girls liked these colors, and that marked the beginning of Lime Crime’s success.


Lime Crime has been working towards revolutionizing the makeup business. From the way it makes you feel to the way you buy it, Lime Crime is changing these aspects. The business has become increasingly popular and is shaking up the social media market. Lime Crime brings on board new categories in the makeup space such as the popular Blue Unicorn lipstick. New and unique products are also being churned out, meaning they will always be something different for girls to express themselves with.


Deere hopes that other girls who use Lime Crime products can enjoy the freedom they provide without fear of being judged. She also uses the products to get the same experience. Besides fashion, Deere has a background in fashion design. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) where she majored in fashion design.


Deere’s fashion background allows her to find the right blend between makeup, fashion, and hair. She believes these three work seamlessly together to express oneself, and anything on our bodies usually achieves this to a great extent. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/doedeere


Fabletics Gives Amazon Fashion A Run For Their Money

Currently, Amazon claims 20% holdings in fashion, which can make it hard for others to compete. Kate Hudson and her Fabeltics fashion brand is one company that is a valuable contender. Fabletics has taken off financially from a small start-up company to a $250 million dollar market. Fabletics is acclaimed for their membership benefits that offer the most recent fitness styles to your doorstep. Their rapid growth in the industry has allowed them the opportunity to open 16 more stores. Hawaii, Illinois, Florida, and California will now have Fabletics stores offering the most recent fashion fitness patterns. Gregg Throgmartin is currently the General Manager of Fabletics and talks about their fashion-forward business as one of a kind. They offer lines of fashion that are suitable for all women of all sizes. Fabletics is additionally well known for its “reverse showrooming” which is an idea that clients adore. Customers will have the same experience if they choose to shop online or whether they decide to shop in the store.


On-screen character, Kate Hudson, is the representative and support behind the well-known Fabletics market brand. They work to empower women and give them the confidence they need to thrive with affordable fitness wear. Their advanced designs are offered in every single distinctive shape and size, which is fundamental for the market. Although the company has only been around for several years, they are continually working to enhance each design and deliver the promise of Fabletics. The small business that started with a couple of straightforward pieces has developed to a million dollar organization in a matter of a couple of years. Hudson has worked to develop the business alongside her accomplices and originator, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Ressler and Goldenberg had an idea to launch the brand but needed to find the right timing in addition to the right partner. They had Kate Hudson in mind from the beginning. They thought she would be a perfect supporter. Kate Hudson has been a great representative for Fabletics and stands for what the brand truly represents, which is empowering women of all ages. Fabletics and its supporters, representatives, and sponsors are in line to become Amazon’s biggest competitor. They continually grow and produce exceptional products, which enable them to stand firm in their support from subscribers and regular shoppers as one of the best online and in-store fitness boutiques on the market.

The man behind the success of USHEALTH Group, Inc., Troy McQuagge

For the past four decades, Troy McQuagge has held a wide range of positions in several companies in the United States. According to the information in the public records, Troy McQuagge has worked for most of the companies to develop them to become widely adopted in business through excellent business leadership skills.

More than eight of the companies Troy McQuagge has held management positions in the past are still thriving in business to date. Some of the companies Troy McQuagge has worked to uphold good governance include the US Health Group, Inc., Precision Dialing Services Company, Foundation Financial Services, and many others.

In the recent past, Troy McQuagge has been awarded as the best CEO of the year. Troy McQuagge is also the current CEO of the US Health Group Company based in the United States. Read more: Troy McQuagge is Slated to Head USHEALTH Group, Inc.

During this past year, Troy McQuagge was recognized as one of the most innovative CEOs of the year while working at the US Health Group Company. The ceremony of bestowing this award to Troy McQuagge took place in San Francisco.

This is one of the few ceremonies that are held to honor the CEOs who work hard to become part of the solution to the needs facing their clients with innovation and strategies that are unique in the industry.

They are also used to honor al CEOs across the world in a manner that depicts better business in the industry. According to Troy McQuagge, he states that the US Health Group Company has the necessary services and products that are tailored specifically to suit every need of their clients.

This is the reason why the company is adopted on a massive scale in the industry.

Before Troy McQuagge was named as the next CEO and President of the US Health Group Company based in the United States in 2011, he was the CEO and President of the Health Markets Marketing Agency Company that is also based in the United States.

For over three decades of professional experience in the world of insurance and marketing, Troy McQuagge helped the company grow to over $1 billion per year. This is one of his greatest achievements.

Equities First Holdings LLC, a Stellar Venture Capital Company

Finding the right capital to start and fund your business can seem like a daunting task, and unfortunately for many new entrepreneurs finding the right venture capital firm can seem impossible. Equities First Holdings LLC is one of the most well-known venture capital firms in the country, they have a solid and well versed group of professionals who know when and how to invest in a product. Equities First Holdings LLC has been in operation for 15 years and their staff is well versed across five different offices. The staff is well versed in venture capital acquisitions, they know the product that they are seeking and how to obtain it.

The firm works very diligently to make sure that they invest in products that they can market effectively. They will help you grow your brand tremendously, and they will put the effort into growing your brand from a personal company to a large LLC.


Jeremy Goldstein Solutions To Compensation Bottlenecks

The utilization of stocks alternative to repay representatives has philosophical premise in the time of logical upset whereby it is utilized as a method for influencing workers to possess the organization. Influencing workers to claim the organization is a certain method for guaranteeing efficiency since they perceive the need to expand yield as this can be relative to higher profit from their offers. In any case, there has been an expanding pattern of organizations withdrawing from this technique for pay because of different hindrances. The offer market is an unpredictable one. Offers can rise or fall in esteem, and this has influenced numerous workers and organizations to discourage from this technique as it can be negative toward the end. Choices have likewise been reprimanded for their extensive bookkeeping loads. Representatives have additionally been extremely suspicious of the framework in the place of genuine high compensations that are wiped out by these alternatives.


In any case, it is conceivable to proceed with this pay strategy as the favorable circumstances exceed the hazard for the company and the representatives too. The representatives exertion and endeavor to dependably contribute the best for the organization and the entrepreneurial soul it develops in favor of the workers are merits that can’t be wished away. Organizations additionally feel calm when working with a group that feels a feeling of proprietorship.


Proceeding with this strategy, in any case, require strategizing and concocting an amalgam framework that amplifies the advantages and cuts on the disservices however much as could be expected. This should be possible by receiving a hindrance framework called the knockout. It works by setting a padding of the sort of drop that the offers are permitted to go down, after which the alternatives possession is abridged from the representatives. To appropriately concoct such a framework, enterprises require the legitimate aptitudes of specialists in the field, for example, Jeremy Goldstein.


This lawyer is prestigious for helping enterprises thinks of incorporated channels of representatives advantage. With more than fifteen years of experience as a business legal counselor, Jeremy Goldstein has been instrumental in noteworthy business exchanges. His lawful firm Jeremy Goldstein and partner LLC has been giving first class benefits on worker’s remuneration frameworks and business exchanges. Jeremy Goldstein has been instrumental in exhorting organizations on corporate administration. The legal advisors is an institute of matriculation of New York college school of law where he graduated with a Juris Doctorate in law.


To learn more, visit http://officialjeremygoldstein.com/.