The Secret Behind Paul Mampilly’s Profit Unlimited Newsletter Success

Profit unlimited is a leading financial newsletter written by a distinguished financial advisor and a business magnate, Paul Mampilly. The newsletter is owned by a team of global experts in asset protection, investment, and entrepreneurship known as Banyan Hill Publishing. Profit unlimited is one of the fastest growing publications in the financial world. The one-year-old magazine has reached more than 90,000 annual subscribers.

In his monthly publication, Paul Mampilly gives subscribers an insight into an investment opportunity and explains why people should invest in it. According to Mampilly, his audience is composed of the main street Americans searching for real-world investment advice but cannot afford the prestigious financial journals produced by Wall Street. His readers are ordinary Americans looking for opportunities to quickly and efficiently grow their wealth.

Paul established the journal after serving in the financial industry for two decades. During his tenure at Wall Street, he realized that the low and middle-income earners were underserved. This group comprises the majority of Americans. Mampilly tends to analyze the market and look for an alternative path toward wealth creation. After his retirement, he decided to put the experience he had gain during his career to a proper use of serving the neglected group. This niche has turned out to be very profitable despite battling it out with longstanding financial periodicals. With wise counsel from Paul Mampilly, the newsletter continues to grow while other journals are experiencing a decline in the number of subscribers and revenue. Though this is not the first time Paul has succeeded while the rest of the industry is faced with future uncertainties. During the 2008 financial crisis, his investment attained a record-setting growth.

The Profits Unlimited newsletter has continued to provide its readers with relevant financial advice that average investor can quickly implement. For the newsletter to attract new readers, it has positioned itself as an affordable commercial publication for the beginners. The journal provides a tiered pricing structure for its digital and print subscriptions that are billed annually.

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About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has served as a long-term financial advisor on Wall Street. He studied at Montclair State University in New Jersey where he received his finance and accounting degree. He later enrolled for his MBA at Fordham University. He began his career at Deutsche Bank in 1991 where he was responsible for managing small and large accounts that held millions of dollars. Mampilly has also worked for notable financial institutions like Royal Bank of Scotland and Kinetic international fund. Throughout his career, Paul is famous for his incredible performance.

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