Lacey & Larkin – Supporting Justice with $3.75 million Upfront

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two of the most significant entrepreneurs in Arizona, because of their contribution to civil and human rights attorneys.

They have founded the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund, among other creations like Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. They have both co-founded the two companies in the past and are now the creators of an institution that is funding many attorney groups in Arizona.

The two entrepreneurs have dedicated the settlement money that they acquired from their arrest by the Sheriff Joe Arpaio, something that happened in 2007. Since then, The two journalists have been using their settlement money, which accounts for more than $3.75 million, to fund migrant rights and civil rights organizations, including groups of lawyers and attorneys that fight for those partitions.

Joe Arpaio was the sheriff of Maricopa County, and he arrested the duo by the time they were the founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. The pair was taken from their homes without any prior notification.

It was later revealed that Joe Arpaio was arresting the duo because of the existence of notes on a few articles regarding discoveries about the past of Joe Arpaio and some information covering what he has done.

The sheriff felt threatened and sent both to jail without fair trial or explanation. That day would be, however, the rise of a new generation, with the creation of the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The co-founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin began using their settlement money, after they left prison, to fund these organizations and help spread some good and justice in the world.

They started funding wide-known groups, and realized that they could also do meaningful actions to improve smaller institutions that were also looking to help communities and fight for justice.

The creation of the Frontera Fund led to a spectacular season of many civil rights groups and institutions having Michael and Jim backing them up with their settlement money. That reality pushed the boundaries and created some very uplifting scenarios for many communities in Arizona.

Many people were saved because of the funding support of the two entrepreneurs and journalists, mainly because some organizations would not have made it through without additional help.

Nowadays, the Frontera Fund is still actively supporting groups and organizations with the same goals. They have a smaller settlement money, but their support has never been more active.

As more and more news of justice being left aside, the duo expresses their support for their victims and always have a hard, real stance on every issue, stating their opinions and the side they support. Many communities have been able to have a voice because of the support of Lacey & Larkin and their funding institution.

Hundreds of groups that advocate for human and civil rights in Arizona and the entirety of the United States’ territory respect the work of the duo and some own current state to the work of their funding institution, the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund.

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