Cancer has been a thriving problem affecting people from all walks of life globally. In most cases, people have less information concerning cancer in terms of treatment, diagnosis and prevention. This brings awareness of cancer at a low level on a global basis. Meant for the important purpose of providing information to the public, Oncotarget is a scientific journal that puts its focus on oncology (The scientific study of cancer in relation to treatment, diagnosis and prevention). It is an open journal that gives free scientific information to the public throughout the globe. For this reason, the journal is known to be a major contributor to the scientific or medical information in the internet. This means that it promotes scientific research.

Oncotarget earns a good reputation throughout the world as a peer-reviewed scientific journal with its top editors Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov. The good reputation can be attributed to the fact that Oncotarget tends to cover a broad range of matters concerning cancer. This includes the pathological basis of cancer, treatment protocols that are used to improve the patients’ care and the potential targets for therapy. The journal is also concerned with the patients’ perspective such as adherence, the quality of life and general satisfaction of the patient. It shows this concern by focusing on the effect of programs of management and therapeutic agents and techniques. This journal provides the public with information involving the evidence behind new and existing therapies in relation to enhancing or upgrading outcomes and it also tries to define their usage, having in mind the conclusive uptake and compliance by the patient.

The scientific or medical information provided by Oncotarget is of good quality. This is as a result of the journal’s collaboration with highly ranked scientific archives and indexes. Recently, it was announced that the journal was going to fasten the indexing processes by publication of two issues in a week. Assigning of issue numbers and pages is done and after this, they appear permanently on PubMed. Apart from oncology, Oncotarget also involves other closely related fields such as Microbiology, Autophathy, Chromosomes, Pathology and Immunology and many others.

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