Rick Smith Leads Securus Technologies with New Video Communications

Rick Smith is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Inc. He has been in these positions since mid-2008. Securus Technologies is a company that provides technology solutions for the criminal justice industry.

They provide emergency response, incident management services, communication services for inmates, and monitoring products and services. They provide Android smartphones, tablets, iPhones and iPads with technology that allows families and friends to communicate and share visual images. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They provide communications technology to over 1.2 million inmates throughout the country. In 2017 Securus announced the Securus Video Visitation metrics. The program will allow for video visits between inmates and family members and friends.

Rick Smith just recently announced electronic medical services Securus will be providing to jail and prison system. The new technology includes electronic medical records, Televisit, their program that allows medical reviews that can be done via video conferencing. The program is expected to help correctional facilities to improve their operations and improve inmate care.

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Before joining Securus Technologies, Rick was President of Eschelon Telecom. Between April 2000 to August 2003, He was CEO from 2003 to 2007.While he was at the company, their revenues grew from $30 million to $350 million. He was Chief Operating Officer from 1999 to 2003 and Chief Financial Officer from 1998 to 2000.

Rick Smith worked with Frontier Corp. as Vice President of Finance from 1997 to 1998. The company is now Global Crossing. He worked with Frontier Corp. from 1972 to 1998 in various executive positions, including Chief Information Officer, Head of Information Technologies, VP of Financial Services, Director of Business Development and other positions. Smith is a Director of Integra Telecom. He has served as a Director of Eschelon Telecom since 2001.

Rick’s educational history includes an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering he earned from Rochester Institute of Technology. He has a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York. He has a Master’s in Mathematics from State University of New York. He earned a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Rochester. Read more articles at HealingMagic.Net

ClassDojo Builds a Simple and Effective Educational App

People are going to gravitate towards the apps that are visually intriguing. That is what ClassDojo is. That is one of the reasons that it has a global fan base of users. There are lots of people that are going to like this app because it is easy to use and the navigation is simple.

The digital portfolio for children is there for parents to view. This app is also easy for teachers to update. This is a great for teachers that may have stored data locally on computers in the past. Now that so many teachers are using ClassDojo apps they are realizing that this is the best place to save data. If a local computer at a school crashes there is a chance that they are going to lose all of their data. The good thing about uploading information to ClassDojo is that this app holds everything in the cloud. This is all free. You can log in and you will have access to your data with no worry about losing it. That may be the greatest benefit of using something like ClassDojo. It is the app that has become very interesting to use because it gives students the chance to unload information as well.

The simplicity of this ClassDojo app is the thing that has made people embrace this app in different schools throughout the United States and beyond. This has truly become the type of app that can change the way that teachers and parents are able to do things. There is a lot of excitement in the air because this app is designed to connect teachers, parents and students.

Sometimes parents may overlook written notes or progress reports that are sent home, but most adults are going to stay connected to the smart phones. They are going to be much more likely to review information through the smart phone apps like ClassDojo. That is why it has become as effective as it is for helping so many people connect. Even teachers are using this app to connect with other teachers and improve their teaching strategies. ClassDojo app founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary have made this appeal to universal smartphone users.