A Closer Look at Troy Mc Quagge

Troy Mc Quagge is currently the President as well as CEO of US Health Group. This is a position that Troy Mc Quagge has held since 2011. Troy Mc Quagge is a definite leader that has helped US Health Group experience tremendous growth.

US Health Group is based out of Forth Worth Texas. The company provides health coverage for the self-employed as well as small business owners. US Health Group offers clients competitive insurance products that meet their specific needs. Us Health Group works hard to design a coverage plan that is valuable as well as affordable. Affordability is a major factor that must be considered when working with a specific client.

For the past four and one half years, Troy Mc Quagge has exceeded targeted sales figures as well as record profit margins. Troy Mc Quagge is a perfect example of a man with a definite goal he plans to achieve. His leaderships qualities have had a positive impact on US Health Group as a whole.

Troy Mc Quagge has over 3 decades of experience within the health care & insurance industry. Mc Quagge previously held a position as Vice President of Health-Markets Marketing Group.

Mr. Mc Quagge has become involved with CEO case studies. In addition, these case studies have helped Troy Mc Quagge understand the important role Corporate Social responsibility plays within any business organization. Without Corporate Social responsibility an organization lacks structure as well as stability.

Education Credentials:

According to Street Insider, Troy Mc Quagge received his Bachelor of Science in Business Finance from the University of Central Florida. Has has always emphasized the importance of higher education. Higher education essentially gives the person a base or foundation for future success. Read More: Troy McQuagge is Slated to Head USHEALTH Group, Inc. and USHEALTH Advisors Reviews

Troy Mc Quagge does feel it is quite an honor to be recognized with awards for his achievements and hard work. However, recognition is not something that Troy Mc Quagge is particularly interested in.

Mc Quagge has expressed that as long as he is happy with what he is doing career wise that is pretty much all that matters to him. The awards are really secondary but he does accept any award graciously.