George Soros – A Lifetime of Philanthropy

George Soros was born in Hungary. When the country was invaded during World War II, George’s father found him safe transport to England where he attended the London School of Economics. He fell in love and moved to New York City only intending to stay a few months. Soon, George opened the Quantum Fund in 1969. It soon became apparent that George had a brilliant investment mind. In 1992, along with partner Stan Druckenmiller, he made so much money betting against the Bank of England that he became known as the man who broke it. He went on to open the Soros Fund Management controlling over $30 billion in assets.

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Soros’ Interest in Politics

In addition to having made a fortune in the markets, he became interested in politics. George has supported many Democratic causes while strongly opposing President Trump. Soros became outspoken when President Bush was in office, and he remains outspoken today fearing that the Republicans do not have the right answers to fight terrorism. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Clinton and Soros

George Soros has a 25-year friendship with Hillary Clinton. Soros had already donated over $7 million to Priorities USA six months before the 2016 election. He also gave more than $2 million to American Bridge 21st Century in an effort to stop Donald Trump from becoming president. He also gave $5 million to Voting Rights Trust.

Soros’ Advocacy for Human Rights, Health Care Reform and Education

George Soros has also been extremely generous with his money supporting human rights around the world. In fact, he gave more than $13 billion to causes supporting human rights. Additionally, George Soros has been a large supporter of reforming health care and education.

George Soros was born in Hungary. After being educated in England, he moved to the United States where he became one of the most powerful investors on Wall Street. George Soros has given away much of his money to support Democratic candidates. He has also supported human rights, education and health care reform around the world. Learn more about his profile at

The Political Activities of George Soros

George Soros is a well-known political contributor for the Democrat party. As a wealthy billionaire investor, Geroge Soros has had plenty of resources to provide monetary support for members of the Democrat Party. Over the last several years, Soros has provided Democrat candidates with plenty of money to help put together effective political campaigns. In 2016, Soros had one of his most active years in which he helped Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton run for office as well as providing support for Democrat candidates after the elections. With the help and support from Soros, the Democrat party has been able to have a key ally in shaping their policies and putting themselves in the best position to win elections.

The most notable activity that Soros participated in during the year of 2016 was the presidential election. He contributed millions of dollars to help Hillary Clinton attempt to become the nation’s next president. With his help, Clinton was in position to put together effective campaigns and compete in the election. Although Clinton lost the election, she was still the candidate who most people wanted to become president. She won the popular vote which proved that she was the more appealing choice for the next president. Soros would get involved in a number of other elections at the state level during the year. Read this story about George at

Over the course of the past year, Soros would help encourage the state of Florida to become more Democratic. Since there were a number of liberals in central Florida and Democrat candidates running in this area, George Soros urged voters to elect the Democrat candidates. With the voters in central Florida electing the Democrat candidates, central Florida has helped make the state lean towards a more Democratic position. As a result, Florida will likely become a state that Democrats can count on for votes in future elections.

After the elections of 2016, George Soros looked to provide support for the Democrat party. They suffered a major blow when they lost a majority of power in both the senate and the House of Representatives. As a result, they realized that they need to change their strategy. One of the things that the Democrat party looked to do was appoint new leadership. This would include naming a new head of the Democrat National Committee. With a new leader at this position, the party will likely have a more influential presence on Capitol Hill. Along with appointing new leadership, the Democrats are also looking to invest more money in states that are conservative and moderate. This will help the party gain the edge it needs to help win future elections. With this new strategy, the Democrat party looks to put itself in the best position to win the midterm elections of 2018.

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