Madison Street Capital Is Nominated Again For An M&A Advisor Award

It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to put mergers and acquisitions together in today’s corporate world. The old mergers were not as global as they are now. Companies that focus on international mergers and acquisition have special qualifications. The executives involved in M&A’s eat and sleep in the changing tide of the corporate world. It’s true. Merger and acquisition executives must have the ability to deal with companies that don’t operate like the corporations that are born in the United States. Foreign corporations have different rules and regulations, so putting a merger together is a process. A process that can break down over the slightest mistake. The mega-mergers that are worth billions of dollars are complicated transactions that keep lawyers and executives busy for months and in some cases, for years. But there are smaller mergers that are not as complicated that can be put to bed in a shorter time frame and that’s where Madison Street Capital, the Chicago-based investment firm, likes to do business.

Madison Street Capital is known for putting small to medium size mergers together. The recent merger between Dowco, a long-time Madison Street Capital client, and Acuna & Asociados S.A. is a good example of what CEO Charles Botchway and COO Tony Marsala and their executive team do every day. In fact, that particular deal earned Madison Street Capital an M&A Advisor nomination for the 15th annual M&A awards given to firms that focus on all types of merger and acquisitions. Marsala is an expert in putting deals together in emerging markets. The Dowco, Acuna & Asociados S.A deal is a good example of a U.S. firm wanting to expand into another market. There’s no doubt that Mexico, Brazil, India and a few countries in Europe are great areas for expansion. U.K. companies are looking at India and Indian companies are looking at the United States and the United Kingdom because India’s economy is one of the strongest in the world these days.

The Acuna & Asociados S.A and Dowco merger was the work of Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha, according to an article published by D’Cunha is one of Madison Street Capital’s executives that works with companies in emerging markets. Karl D’Cunha and Tony Marsala have the language skills and the investment knowledge to put small and medium size mergers and acquisitions together. It’s not east to put a $100 million deal together. It takes the same concentration and focus that a $500 million or a billion-dollar deal needs. And that’s why Madison Street Capital is so successful.

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