Cotemar Is The Leading Service Provider Of Pemex

Cotemar is a company that was formed to service the growing needs of Pemex, the government owned Mexican oil producing company. It was officially established in 1979 and is based in the Campeche state of Mexico. Cotemar has its own fleet of vessels for transportation of materials and people as well as for exploration and oil rig maintenance. The firm was also created with the needs of the current offshore oil industry workers in mind. Thus, Cotemar also provides housing, food preparation and cleaning services to offshore personnel as well.

Cotemar has a wide array of vessels to meet a variety of demands by the Mexican offshore oil industry on It has specialized deep sea diving vessels to explore ocean drilling sites and to inspect deep sea equipment. Transportation vessels can easily move goods and people from the ports to the oil rigs and platforms. Cotemar vessels transport oil, food, heavy equipment, employees and inspectors to and from work sites on the ocean. Specialized tug boats are used to transport heavy equipment needed to drill for oil. For emergencies Cotemar has a fleet of firefighting and oil spill clean up vessels.

Working in the oil rigs can be a difficult and grueling task on Cotemar aims to make life on oil rigs as comfortable as possible by providing many of the comforts found back at land out on the seas. The living platforms can feature amenities such as basketball courts, exercise rooms, TV channels and movie cinemas.

Cotemar also provides cleaning, washing and ironing services at This not only provides a convenience to those working out on the oil rigs, but helps ensure sanitation and cleanliness. Great care is also taken care during food preparation, storage and handling to ensure that food is safe to consume. Cotemar tracks and takes all necessary precautions to ensure food remains fresh. This includes the use of refrigeration and proper cooking techniques.

Cotemar has specialized ships and equipment necessary to move, assemble and put in place all of the structures needed for oil drilling operations. The firm is guaranteed to ensuring that all equipment is transported, assembled and put in place correctly and on time. Additionally, great care is taken to ensure compliance with all industrial and safety regulations.

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