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Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) has embarked on a plan to enable easy access to property reports through effective online ordering. This plan comes to respond to calls from the populace regarding title defects. In the recent years, one of the major causes of concern in the realty industry is title defects. According to some stakeholders in the real estate industry, title defects are partly to blame for wrongful foreclosures. Other people are of the opinion that title defects play a substantial role in blocking a smooth transitioning of assets more so in the secondary market. According to the executives of the firm, property records are imperative in reducing the buyback risk in addition to a smooth and clear title conveyance.


Nationwide Title Clearing is a document processing and a premier research services provider for the mortgage and financial industries. The firm has adopted numerous measures to ensure there is an easy securing of property reports. Recently, Nationwide Title Clearing instituted an updated website, which makes the property reporting easy and available online. Frequently, title defects mushrooms when a person lays claim on a realty property, which is under the ownership of another entity or person. Other factors, in addition, can invalidate a title. Additionally, some wordings in the document, which fail to fail to be in line with the real estate standards of a particular area may invalidate a title.


John Hillman, from the aforementioned factors, notes that it is prudent to address title defect concern before the transfer of property. To this end, Nationwide Title Clearing has prepared numerous online reports aimed at aiding the mortgage sector. These reports may include Current Owner Report, Tax Status Report, Assignment Verification Reports, as well as Tax Status Report (Plus). John Hillman serves at the Nationwide Title Clearing as the Chief Executive Officer. According to NTC’s CEO, John Hillman, the firm has made it a part of its core mission to provide a fast and simple process of safeguarding and availing property reports throughout the country. These reports are founded on deep research, which is conducted from reliable and genuine land records.


During the reporting process, Nationwide Title Clearing sources data from various sources including the counties. The process entails human verification and automation. Altogether, these practices have enabled the Nationwide Title Clearing to offers services to a large number of the leading lenders in the United States under heavily audited and most vital compliance rules. NTC leads in the provision of post-closing services for the largest financial institutions, investors and service sectors in the US. The firm has clients from the premier residential mortgage services in the country.  The firm additionally was among the finalists in the 500/5000 list containing US’s fastest growing companies.

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