Mike Baur is Using Swiss Startup Factory to Make Switzerland an Economic Hub

Swiss financial institutions are highly attractive to international clients. Switzerland controls a 25 percent market share in the comprehensive asset management business. Therefore, Switzerland is one of the authorities in the global financial sectors. Mike Baur is an executive who has played an instrumental role in transforming Swiss banking industry. Currently, he helps young investors to start and develop their companies.


About Mike Baur


Mike Baur dedicated over two decades of his career to the Swiss banking sector. He served in numerous high-status capacities in financial institutions, including Clariden Leu and UBS. The Swiss entrepreneur relinquished his job to focus on establishing his empire. He started his entrepreneurial career as a startup developer. Baur worked with other Swiss entrepreneurs like Oliver Walzer and Max Meister to institute Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF).


The University of St Gallen organized a startup pitching contest called START Summiteer and enlisted the help of Baur. Mr. Baur graced the Summiteer as a jury member. His mission has been to transform SSUF into a global leader in startup development. Therefore, he entered a strategic collaboration with CTI, which led to the establishment of CTI Invest in 2016. Baur is the current deputy managing executive of CTI Invest. At the start of 2016, he guided SSUF through its unique accelerator program with the well-known Goldbach Group. Within the same period, he oversaw the firm’s strategic alliance with Fintech Fusion.


Baur’s commitment to helping young entrepreneurs


Mike Baur ventured into the startup creating and development scene with a mission of changing the way local and foreign investors view Swiss companies. He is confident that young Swiss entrepreneurs can succeed in the global market. He seeks to help them become members of the global business community. Baur has been helping young investors to unlock opportunities by connecting them with established investors. He has established a strong network in the financial services industry. Thus, he can easily raise capital for startup development by bringing foreign venture capitalists to the table.


About SSUF


SSUF leverages its robust network that extends around the world to avail career building opportunities to entrepreneurs. Headquartered in Zurich, the startup development powerhouse provides outstanding three months accelerator program that comprises of mentorship, training, access to a solid entrepreneurial network, and an office space to actualize ideas. Mike Baur has sharpened his mastery of the business world by completing an undergraduate in banking and finance, an MBA, and an executive MBA.



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