MB2 Dental Changing the Land Scape of Dental Practice Management

MB2 Dental Solutions is a firm owned by dental specialists. The firm partners with its affiliate dentist offices to offer fulfilling dental services to patients. This dental management and practice development firm focuses on enabling its members to efficiently provide care to their patients by providing them with non-clinical support services. Learn more about MB2 Dental: http://mb2dental.com/

When the specialists are provided with a conducive environment, they are able to increase their productivity by offering the highest possible dental healthcare services to their patients. The operations of MB2 is centered on six states including Texas, New Mexico, Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Alaska, where it runs full-fledged privately owned dental offices.

These privately operated offices find non-clinical business aspects to be technically challenging due to lack of sound business management knowledge, which distracts them from their core focus of delivering exceptional dental care to patients.

According to White Pages, due to the ongoing challenge, MB2 Dental Solutions come in handy with much need knowledge, guidance and systems that enable their clients to make strategic business decisions without losing grip of the main business.

The realization that non-clinical tasks such as Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Operations Support, Business Development, Billing and Collections, Dentist Credentialing, Compliance, I.T. Support, Marketing and Training and Development, are overwhelming to dental practitioners prompted Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva to establish MB2 Dental.

His main aim was to offer supportive services on these challenging areas. Currently, he serves as the Founder & CEO of the firm. Working for many years as an associate dentist, dentist trainer and mentor, he was able to amass valuable experience in dental practice and the business aspect of this profession.

The knowledge and experience enabled Chris to establish one of the largest doctor-owned Dental Support Organizations. The organization has brought together numerous dentists who have achieved more that they could have achieved when working independently.

Justin Puckett is also another key person in the leadership team of MB2; he serves as the president. Mr. Puckett has wide experience in the dental industry, which has been a key pillar in fueling the unprecedented growth of the organization. Justin Carroll is the chief operating officer for MB2 detail; he has diverse consulting experience in private equity strategy and operations improvement.

Driven by its mission to helping dental practitioners to offer best services to its patients, MB2 Dental Solutions continues to adopt emerging trends in its operations. It also provides regular skills upgrade for its youthful employees, which helps them to learn and grow their careers.

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