Brian Bonar is the CEO of Daldara financial Group, he has been in the financial sector for cross to 30 years and has amassed a wealth of knowledge during that period. Under his leadership the company has cemented a legacy to behold in the field of finance.

The company provides employees programs across the country with the objective of increasing business efficiency. With this strategy the firm has enjoyed success by customizing services that include insurance, business process outsourcing and finance that cater for the needs of their customers.

Furthermore, the company has helped a lot of clients manage their finances and also protect their assets. Bonar has helped the company grow and provide businesses with top of line aftermarket products through the passion and commitment he possesses.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar scooped the Executive of the year in Finance in 2010. This was during the Cambridge Who’s Who list where every two years the selection committee picks two females and two males for the executive of the year honor. Selection is done based on the academic, professional and leadership accomplishments.

Before he became the CEO, he held the position of Vice President, Sales and marketing a position he held for few months and later became the Executive Vice President in the same year. He has also served as director in Daldara for three years.

Bonar received his undergraduate degree from the university of Strathclyde in Glasgow and later his degree and doctorate from Stafford University. He poses various skills such as development of innovative sales and marketing strategy, process improvement and also lead generation. Similarly, he has skills in mergers and acquisitions, new business development and finding venture capital.

His career started out at IBM as a procurement manager where he was involved in outsourcing motherboards for many personal computers that were produced and sold in the company. After that he took the position of Director of Engineering for QMS Company. While in the company he was able to manage about 100 engineers.

In 1989 he became the vice president of Sales and Marketing for the Rastek Corporation. Here he helped with marketing and sales of printing technology to customers in the world. As a result of him getting into the printing industry he went ahead to work in Adaptechnology where he was a sales manager.

After a year he became the CEO and founder of Benier Systems, which became one of the leading manufacturers of printers. This landed him more opportunities leading to working in Japan and Korea as a Vice President of sales and marketing for ITEC imaging technologies.

More to this he took even more responsibilities when he was named the chairman and CEO of Trucept. He still holds this position.


  1. Very brilliant work there in the innovating something that most imaging researchers will have to workd hard to make. The ITEC technology is great but is supposed to be the site that will help in cracking the hard nuts in the aspect of research and technology. For the work that Bonar has done, I think most ICT students should know about him and his efforts count.

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