What You Need To Know About Doe Deere and Her Company, Lime Crime

Doe Deere currently resides in Los Angeles, along with her husband who is the President of their company, Lime Crime. However, she was born in Russia and only moved to New York when she was only 17 years. At the time, she moved to New York to pursue music. It was promoting her rock band that helped her to become the expert marketer that she is today. Currently, she is the CEO of one of the most popular lipstick brands.


Her fashion background also plays a big role in the success of her business. She had the opportunity to live in one of the world’s fashion-forward cities, New York. She also attended FIT and majored in fashion design. It was then that she started sewing, her biggest inspiration to launching Lime Crime.


In 2015, we caught up with Doe Deere on an interview with Ideamensch. Deere said that though not many people know it, she actually started Lime Crime in the year 2004. Lime Crime stayed as an EBay account until the year 2008 when she finally decided to launch it as a company. As an EBay account, Deere would sell her DIY stuff that included primers, glitters and eye shadows. What set her products apart was high quality.


When Deere first launched her company, there were so many haters saying that it wouldn’t get anywhere. People tried telling her that there was no online market for her products and that she would reach her bottom line as soon as she start. But she did not give in to the pressure. She did what she had to in order to get her business standing.


In the course of her business, her clients’ account got hacked and private customers information leaked. At that point, she had difficulty winning back the trust of her customers. But not even then did she give up. She had to hire extra customer agents as well as have a FAQ page that would help improve transparency. Additionally, she had to educate her customers.


Today, Deere continues to be even stronger in her business. She starts her days with meetings to ensure that everyone shares the vision of her company and that they are on the same page. The rest of the day is used in checking on the progress of new products answering to emails.

Visit www.doedeere.com to learn more about Doe Deere.



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