Finding that Fantasy Gem before the crowd

While still fairly early in the baseball season, fantasy owners are still trying to establish themselves by getting off to that strong start to put themselves into early contention. The good news is that there’s a lot of information out there for today’s Fantasy GM’s. With quality sites such as and many others providing valuable information to pick up that next big prospect or crafty veteran to take your team to the next level.


Here are just some of the examples of waiver wire prospects to consider to sure up your MLB Lineup:


On the pitching front are Luis Perdomo (Padres), Eddie Butler (Cubs), Jose Urena (Marlins), and Hansel Robles (Mets). Perdomo, Butler, and Urena are all starters who have looked better as of late and will have the opportunities they need to keep it going in their teams rotation. An intriguing option is Phillies first Basemen Rhys Hoskins, albeit a long term one. He continues to tear up Tripe A pitching, as he did last year when he belted 38 homers. Fellow first baseman Kenny Vargas (Twins) has been showing big pop since being recalled from Triple A. A pair of second baseman who are polar opposites at the plate, the A’s somewhat steady production of Jed Lowrie and the seemingly all or nothing performance of Padres Ryan Schimpf who while blasting 17 homeruns this year is hitting a paltry .170 at the plate. To sum it up in the outfield, the Mariners Ben Gamel has been tearing it up since being inserted in the starting lineup, hitting .373 since being called up. The Royals, Jorge Solar has been cold as ice as of late but may be worth a gamble. Remember you can always keep track of the latest MLB happenings at


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