Marc Sparks: The Man Helping Fellow Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is someone who knows lots about business deals and what it takes to run a successful business. Sparks has founded numerous different organizations and companies through the course of his career and has helped improve several other existing organizations as well. A large number of his companies have emerged to be extremely successful in their fields, even though a few of them did not do so well. All of this has taught Marc Sparks all that he needs to know about businesses, which is why he is now working towards giving other people this knowledge with a hope of helping them with their companies. Learn more:


Marc Sparks has a knack for taking companies who are having a rough time and turning them into big successes. He has offered business advice to numerous clients and companies, saving their businesses. Because of his experience, he can properly draft up a plan of action that would work well for the company and which will help set them on a path of growth. Marc Sparks believes that a right plan of action is all it takes for a company to be at the top of their field, and is also something that sets most good, successful companies apart from the one’s who don’t make it. Marc Sparks always holds that being able to give these companies a sense of direction is something that he loves doing, and looks forward to doing it on a larger scale now. Learn more:


Trying his best to educate fellow entrepreneurs and people in business, Marc Sparks authored a book, which talks about all the experiences that he has had working with companies, and what people should and shouldn’t do when trying to bring their ideas and dreams to life. The book is ideal for individuals who don’t have a formal education in the field of business, but still, want to make it in the industry. The book explains the do’s and doesn’t’s of business in the simplest way possible so that people of all age brackets can understand it well.


Marc Sparks has a credible amount of experience, particularly in the field of communications. Most of his successful companies have been in that sector, like Splash Media and Blue Jay Wireless. Besides this, he has tried out almost every kind of business venture that one can think of. Learn more:


Marc Sparks is also someone who tries his best to help the needy and those who are less fortunate than he is. He has contributed to many charities through the course of his career and is a regular helper of homeless shelters in his hometown of Dallas. He has also worked with international organizations that help people like Habitat for Humanity.



Hussain Sajwani’s Journey To Success

Hussain Sajwani was born in 1954 and is a native of the UAE. He is the Founder, Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of DAMAC Properties, one of the top companies that have given Dubai its admirable look. Since his formative years, Hussain has been determined to conquer in the ever-competitive real estate field, and DAMAC has helped him achieve his dream.


Prior to his breakthrough, Sajwani worked at GASCO where he served as a Contacts Manager. In the summer of 1982, Hussain established his catering venture, a business that became an instant success. The catering company serves thousands of meals every day and manages hundreds of projects in different settings.


Sajwani established numerous prestigious hotels to accommodate the increasing number of people visiting Dubai. In 2002, the government of Dubai instituted a new policy that permitted foreigners to acquire properties. Sajwani saw the policy as a great market opportunity for success of real estate business and founded DAMAC Properties. DAMAC has now grown into a leading brand in property development in the United Arab Emirates.


At present, DAMAC has become a market leader and has joined forces with reputable brands to bring exciting living concepts in Dubai. In 2013, for instance, DAMAC partnered with The Trump Organization to establish Trump-branded golf courses in Dubai. Trump describes Sajwani as an investor with an amazing personality and expresses his willingness to work with him in the future.


Sajwani is said to be the brains behind DAMAC’s eye-catching marketing stunts that help the firm to win a great number of clients. Sajwani’s leadership skills have helped DAMAC become one of the most profitable real estate companies in the Middle East. In 2015, for instance, the company generated annual revenue of $2.3 billion, with a net margin of more than 50%.


The DAMAC owner attended the University of Washington and pursued a B.S in Economics and Industrial Engineering. Apart from real estate business, Hussain Sajwani family takes part in several charitable programs. He makes generous contributions to aid foundations supporting the local community and the needy in various locations. Through DAMAC Properties, Sajwani also contributes towards the initiatives that encourage youth entrepreneurship.


To learn more, visit


What the Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights and Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund are doing to support Immigrants

In every state across the US, there are state based groups advocate for civil, human and migrant rights. The Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights (ACMR) is a statewide coalition that brings together a community of migrants, local communities and civil, human, labor and religious groups.

The organization is at the forefront of supporting the just application of immigrant laws and policies along with the expansion of the individual and communal rights of migrants and their families. The Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights also educates the local communities on various issues that affect them such as social change and immigration reform.

Today, the Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights is proactively working to change the socio-political landscape of immigrants entering Arizona. This is the reason; the organization has set out to achieve a number of goals targeting migrants and indigenous communities.

These include; creating a united voice and plan of action; addressing the needs of local organizations through training and capacity building and acting as a resource for advocating for the rights of indigenous voices and migrants. Members of the public who want to join the organization are free to do so as long they uphold the demanded responsibilities.

The responsibilities include agreeing to mission principles, admitting to being party to the coalition when appropriate and respecting divergent opinions and views.

Members who have joined the coalition have the right to participate in coalition committees and review materials offered by the coalition such as meeting notes, financial records and bylaws. Some of the, organization that are currently enrolled as members of the Arizona Coalition for Migrants Rights include Casillas Consulting Services, CADENA, Border Action Network and Binational Migration Network. ACMR head offices are located in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund was established by two journalists from Arizona, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The fund was established to support various migrant right organizations and causes within the boundaries of Arizona. The fund received a boost of $3.75 million in settlement money after Michael and Jim were unlawful arrest by Sheriff Arpaio on October 18, 2007.

Michael and Jim were arrested for disclosing the existence of grand jury proceedings that sought articles from reporters covering the Sheriff. One of the resources run by the fund is a website that highlights emerging news on the immigration matters and civil rights across the US. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

An article posted on June 13 2017 informs readers that immigration cases are being reopened by the Trump administration and offer a bucket list of things to do. According to the author, the President Trump is fighting hard to overturn Obama era policies that prevented the deportation non-felon migrants. Read more: Phoenix New Time

Following his decree, a total of 1,300 cases concerning immigration have been reopened by federal prosecutors between March 1 and May 31. Immigrants who previously had their deportation cases deferred or closed are therefore requested to update their address, engage the services of immigrant attorneys and avoid missing court cases when called upon to do so.

The Positive Difference Life Line Screening is Making in Peoples Lives

Dr. Andrew Manganaro is a cardiovascular surgeon and the Chief Medical Officer for Life Line Screening. He supervises the physicians, oversees research and the clinical department and maintains quality assurance. He believes lifestyle changes and medications can stop the progression of diseases and change an individuals life and more information click here.

Dr. Manganaro believes in hard work and persistence. He feels that in order to learn from your failures they must be assessed and reassessed. He stays current on scientific literature and research because there is always something to be learned from their findings.

Dr. Manganaro uses risk algorithms at Life Line Screening for asymptomatic individuals at risk for cardiovascular disease. Theses individuals understand the importance of screenings to determine specific health factors. Ultrasounds for abnormal aorta’s and carotid arteries are also performed. EKG screenings are used to prevent strokes by looking for atrial fibrillation.

Dr. Andrew Manganaro has vast experience in the treatment of both vascular and cardiovascular disease. He has seen instances where the rupture of an abdominal aortic aneurysms could have been treated if the patient had been aware of the disease. Life Line makes individuals aware of any current or penchant towards numerous diseases and Lifeline Screening’s lacrosse camp.

Life Line Screening provides preventative health screenings. They are able to identify a persons risk for strokes, carotid artery disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm and more. Certain health issues are preventable if detected early.

The screenings are not invasive, painless, quick and safe. Highly trained technicians perform the screenings using the same type of equipment used by hospitals. Board certified physicians are responsible for reading the results. These results should be shared with the persons physician since they provide doctors with a way to see a patients overall health. Any necessary lifestyle changes or treatments can be made before the occurrence of serious health problems and learn more about Lifeline Screening.

Life Line Screening offers additional resources as well including a Health E-Newsletter that helps individuals place their focus on efforts to achieve individual wellness. Life Line Screening helps individuals control chronic illnesses like high blood pressure and diabetes. They show people how to make better choices in their lifestyle so many diseases can be avoided and LLS’s Website.

DCG Software Value benefits from Madison Street Capital’s Investment Banking Expertise

Madison Street Capital is a multinational firm that is highly appreciated for its expertise in investment banking. The company is trusted by middle market businesses, and DCG Software Value recently hired it to act as an exclusive financial advisor. DCG is a firm that has majored in providing leading software estimation solutions, software worth management, and examination of the function point. MSC substantially supported DCG in the creation of a merger with The Spitfire Group, which is an enterprise that is headquartered in Denver and has specialized in offering business-based technology consultancy solutions. The important transaction was overseen by Jay Rodgers.


The CEO of MSC, Charles Botchway, believes that the two technology-based companies are under the leadership of competent administrators. Mike Harris currently acts as the chief executive officer of DCG Software Value while Spitfire’s CEO is Mike Richtermeyer. According to Mr. Botchway, it was an honor to work in close collaboration with the two technology firms. The MCS group successfully offered robust examinations and sophisticated insights that assisted in making the deal a success. The executives of the two technology businesses have been coordinating with the investment banking enterprise to grow the value of their customers’ software.


DCG Software Value has been offering its services since 1994, and it currently owns branches in different parts of the globe. The principal corporate offices of the firm are in the United States, and they are located in Malvern. The company also has European corporate premises that have been built in the United Kingdom. Many software enterprises have been seeking the help of the firm to enhance the decision making and resource management techniques.


Spitfire Group is internationally appreciated for being one of the leaders in the provision of business and technology consultancy solutions. Its proficiency is in guiding clients in attaining stability between business targets and technical initiatives. The firm has a skilled and experienced workforce that enables it to better the performance of the technology-based enterprise. Spitfire is determined to utilize state-of-the-art technology in solving a broad range of business difficulties that affect clients.


Madison Street Capital has been providing excellent investment banking solutions to different companies for more than one decade. The success of the firm has been motivated by its commitment to excellence, service, leadership, and integrity. The proficiency of the enterprise is in fields such as business valuation, merger and acquisitions, corporate financial advisory, and finance opinions. The Madison Street Capital reputation is outstanding since it can facilitate the success of clients in international markets.


Techniques for Success at Success Academy

Success Academy is known for its success that surpasses even those of the more established schools in the same category. This charter school was founded by Eva Moskowitz in 2006. Success Academy schools employees various methods that have propelled it to be an institution whose name is associated with higher grades, quality students as well as positive developments one of its methods it is that it has developed a unique curriculum for use by students in various grades.


There is a new English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum that specifically for use at Success Academy. The founder, having visited many schools during her time as a member of the city council of New York, she realized that the curriculum in place was not rich enough. When she developed her school, she brought in this new curriculum which lays more emphasis on independent reading.


When the students reach middle school, they have added independent reading time and a literature class. They are given iPads that contain a lot of books. They have to read seven key texts which comprise of one poetry book, two non-fiction books, and four novels. The importance of writing skills are also emphasized at Success Academy, and this is done in workshops for all the students from the kindergarten kids to the 8th graders.


Devotion to content at Success Academy has also been paying off a great deal. The students also have to learn certain words from other languages like Japanese. At 3rd grade, the students are subjected to reading specific poems, and this helps them move from reality to new worlds. At Success Academy, quality is a key factor, and the teachers always have this in mind.


Lastly, Success Academy takes state tests very seriously, and it adequately prepares the students for them. The students are always given practice tests, and the results posted in various hallways and the teachers are ranked according to the performance of their students. Success Academy also does “Slam the Exam” rallies as a way of motivating students to work even harder. Nothing is overlooked, and everything is taken seriously at Success Academy.

The Devices and Technological Crime Prevention Solutions by Securus are the Best

The challenges I daily face while trying to solve crimes are quite challenging. Criminals are increasingly becoming difficult to deal with, and without the help of Securus Technologies, the work of preventing or investigating crime would now be impossible. There are many dangers when dealing with hardened criminals who have access to advanced technological gadgets; however, your organization is at the forefront of equipping security agencies and law enforcers with advanced technical solutions for combating criminal activities.


My work has been made simple and efficient since our agency partnered with Securus technologies so that your company can provide as with modern devices for communication. The public safety is now guaranteed because of the state-of-the-art tools we source from your business. The smart devices Securus invents on a weekly basis enables us as agents to keep abreast of what the criminals are up to now and then. The timely intervention that the solutions you offer provide makes the work of investigating and apprehending criminals easy.


Every incarceration institution in our jurisdiction can now monitor, investigate, and solve many crimes because of the reliable services your organization gives us. I have personally traced and discovered how a key criminal syndicate in my jurisdiction has been operating by intercepting their communication network. I found out that there was a plan underway to smuggle drugs, illegal arms, and other nefarious contraband into the facility. When we got into action, the amount of investigation we carried out revealed a lot of information which we later used to arrest the suspects. The hidden feature embedded into the devices you provide us makes it easy to know what the criminals are intending to do. The activities of the criminals between themselves and the link they have with other criminals outside the jails can now be carefully followed. I am encouraging Securus Technologies to continue the good work that it is doing.

Dentists Rave about Avi Weisfogel’s New Sleep Apnea Treatment Model

Sleep apnea is one of the most underdiagnosed and underappreciated diseases in the country today. Too many people assume that sleep apnea is on the same level as the common cold or something like fibromyalgia, a disease of malingerers that can hardly be taken seriously. But this attitude is seriously misguided and read full article.

The truth is that sleep apnea is one of the most dangerous diseases that confront the public today. The disease is responsible for high levels of mortality and even higher levels of morbidity, both as a primary cause and is a secondary cause. Some of the primary ways in which the disease can easily kill a patient are through direct asphyxiation, cerebral hypoxia and fatal arrhythmias. These are caused by the disease’s propensity to completely obstruct the normal flow of air through the trachea during sleep. It is a highly dangerous physiological condition that must be met by the proper treatment regimens.

But the disease is perhaps even more dangerous in the ways that its secondary effects can ultimately lead to terrible outcomes. Some of these secondary outcomes of sleep apnea include its incredibly strong and richly documented association with such conditions as heart attack, stroke, diabetes and even dementia. That the disease is causally related to these conditions is no longer a matter of debate. This is settled science and learn more about Avi.

One man, Avi Weisfogel, thought that something could be done about this insidious killer. He sought to stop its long march, as it has laid waste to the public health over the last 50 years. Through his organization, Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel is radically transforming the way in which obstructive sleep apnea is treated. By putting the treatment of sleep apnea into the hands of dentists as first-line fighters against this disease, he is dramatically improving the diagnosis rates and, ultimately, the outcomes that patients experience who suffer from this terrible illness and Avi’s lacrosse camp.

The dentists that pass through the program have been overwhelmingly positive about the results. Many of them have experienced such great success with the sales of dental appliances related to the treatment of sleep apnea that they have actually been able to abandon their traditional dental practices, focusing full-time on sleep dentistry and his Website.