Andrew Rocklage Launches Into Trampoline Business

Andrew Rocklage is a native of Boston, Massachusetts and over the past years of his career he has made a name for himself in the business industry in that area.

Growing up, he was an athletic child and given his love for sports, he decided to pursue a degree in sports management. He attended the University of Masschusetts at Amherst’s Isenberg School of Management and graduated with a bachelors degree four years later. While there, he chose economics as his minor. This was his first introduction to the business world. After graduation, Andrew Rocklage got an internship as Major League Lacrosse. Learn more about Andrew Rocklage:

He worked inter public relations department and realized that that career just was not for him. He chose to go back to school. This time he wen to the Suffolk University Law School and earned his law degree, or a Juris Doctor degree. That was in 2013 and he immediately began doing some consultant and law clerk work. This allowed him to build up a little bit of experience so that he could really break into the industry.

Andrew Rocklage was then hired by EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals in order to be their legal counsel. He proved to be a very talented and successful lawyer during his time there.

Once again, he found himself wanting to branch out on his own and be his own boss. Given his minor in economics and everything he had learned about the mechanics of running a business, he realized that he had the skills he needed to do just that.

He then fulfilled his dreams and became the operator and the owner of the Sky Zone Trampoline Park. This allowed him to work for himself and really flex his entrepreneurial muscles. His Sky Zone Trampoline Company became hugely successful and he attributes this to his devotion to customer service.

Andrew believes that is the key to running a successful business and he strives to bring the best service possible to his customers. In order to bring such high quality services and products, Andrew Rocklage has a very specific hiring plan.

He works hard in order to find the best people for the job because he believes that the people who are happy in their job deliver great service. This has proven to be true and they often receive comments from customers about how friendly the staff is.

Andrew Rocklage has built a strong network with the legal and business networks in the Boston area. He has experience in several different fields, including technology.

Andrew keeps the Sky Zone Trampoline Park in such top quality shape by incorporating the latest technological advances into their business plan. He has plans to expand even further and has found his calling.

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