Jason Hope Is Gearing For The Next Tech Revolution

Jason Hope is one of the most prominent tech entrepreneurs around. From his home in Scottsdale, Arizona he runs some of the most important companies in tech. Recently, Hope decided to invest in the Internet of Things.

According to him, this technology will seriously take off in coming years as developers find ways to change the way we live our lives. From smart homes to self driving cars, the potential for IoT is limitless.

The New Internet On The Block

Essentially, the Internet of Things is centered around connections between various devices and the ways these devices share data. It doesn’t necessarily involve the internet as we know it, but some IoT devices are online ready. IoT devices are already on the market and you may even own some.  Instead of trying to compete with other app developers, IoT software developers will work together to create a virtual ecosystem.

A World On The Brink Of Change

The ways that IoT will change the way we live are easily seen. Self driving cars, one of the most salient examples of IoT, will change the way we travel. The daily commute that currently takes hours may take minutes as highways filled with self driving cars work in unison to create a perfect stream of traffic. Companies will use self driving cars to improve their services and offer more affordable goods. Our homes will also experience the magic of IoT. In the not so distant future, your house will respond to your demands and do exactly as you request.

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Aging Is A Thing Of The Past

Jason Hope is a very generous man and he uses his fortune to improve the lives of others. A particular strong interest of his is the aging research of the Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence Institute. The SENS Institute is centered around ways to change the way we think of aging and eventually find a cure for it. Aging is often thought of as an inherent and natural part of life. The SENS Institute does not agree with that sentiment and seeks ways to prevent it. Their research is still in an early stage, but the potential is beyond our wildest dreams.

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