The Competency of Highland Capital Management that Brings high Returns

Highland Capital Management is a Texas-based internationally recognized firm that provides investment advisory and solutions to businesses and small-scale investors, especially in credit services. Both James Dondero and Mark Okada established the company in 1993.

The Highland headquarters are in Dallas, with operational offices situated in New York, Sao Paolo, Singapore, and Seoul. According to Market Watch, Highland Capital Management specializes in collateralized loan obligations, high yield bonds, distressed credit, hedge funds, equities, structured products, emerging markets, and natural resources.

Both experienced and dedicated team of experts leads the enterprise’s operations. According to Market Watch, James Dondero is the current President, Managing Partner, and Portfolio Manager.

Mark Okada serves as the Chief Investment Officer of the firm, while Frank George Waterhouse is the Chief financial officer.

The company has the advantage of their customers having confidence and trust in their investment protocols and services, thereby allowing the firm to serve clients for almost three decades. The company adheres to highly personal, quality, and service oriented customer relationship.

The Highland Small-Cap Equity Fund of the Highland Capital Management saw its fund almost triple on energy stocks in 2016, thus generating a 32% return for investors.

The return has given a high rebound expectation in 2017. The Chief Investment Officer of the business, Gregory has helped make a profitable investment in pipeline partnership. The profits are as a result of the firm’s credit competency.

Highland Capital Management plays its philanthropic role to the community through volunteerism, engagement in advisory boards, and monetary donations to both community-based organizations and NGOs organizations.

The humanitarian efforts have seen the company spending more than $10 million around the globe. In the strategy of giving back to the community, the company partners with other firms to help it in implementing the giving back to the community initiative.