Techniques for Success at Success Academy

Success Academy is known for its success that surpasses even those of the more established schools in the same category. This charter school was founded by Eva Moskowitz in 2006. Success Academy schools employees various methods that have propelled it to be an institution whose name is associated with higher grades, quality students as well as positive developments one of its methods it is that it has developed a unique curriculum for use by students in various grades.


There is a new English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum that specifically for use at Success Academy. The founder, having visited many schools during her time as a member of the city council of New York, she realized that the curriculum in place was not rich enough. When she developed her school, she brought in this new curriculum which lays more emphasis on independent reading.


When the students reach middle school, they have added independent reading time and a literature class. They are given iPads that contain a lot of books. They have to read seven key texts which comprise of one poetry book, two non-fiction books, and four novels. The importance of writing skills are also emphasized at Success Academy, and this is done in workshops for all the students from the kindergarten kids to the 8th graders.


Devotion to content at Success Academy has also been paying off a great deal. The students also have to learn certain words from other languages like Japanese. At 3rd grade, the students are subjected to reading specific poems, and this helps them move from reality to new worlds. At Success Academy, quality is a key factor, and the teachers always have this in mind.


Lastly, Success Academy takes state tests very seriously, and it adequately prepares the students for them. The students are always given practice tests, and the results posted in various hallways and the teachers are ranked according to the performance of their students. Success Academy also does “Slam the Exam” rallies as a way of motivating students to work even harder. Nothing is overlooked, and everything is taken seriously at Success Academy.